Skillful Means featured in a variety of media 

Janet Johnston and John Swearingen co-authored an article for Fine Homebuilding magazine on "Building a Straw-Bale House". (June/July 1996). This article has been republished in Tauton's series, "The Best of Fine Homebuilding", in the volume of Energy Efficient Building.

Skillful Means appeared on the television show "CBS This Morning" in 1998. The segment was later edited and shown on CBS's Saturday morning children's show, do our great delight.

Skillful Means' projects have been featured in news segments on the ABC and NBC affiliate stations in San Francisco and Sacramento. A full program on one of our projects appeared on the Home and Garden in the series "21st Century Homes".

The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle and other print and radio reporters have interviewed Skillful Means for features on straw-bale construction, and our work has been featured in the LA Times, SF Chronicle Sunday Magazine, SF Chronicle Real Estate section, Sonoma Magazine and many other publications.

Skillful Means is a contributor to The Last Straw, a journal of straw-bale construction, and the CASBA Newsletter.

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This Building Material May Hold the Key to Surviving Environmental Disasters


An original composition

Elements from around the globe come together in a striking and harmonious whole.

By David Colker
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