"Sustainable buildings nurture every aspect of human health--
during their production, during their occupancy and use,
and when they are no longer useful."

strawbales make sense....

  • They are a waste product of agriculture, and are cheap
  • They require very little energy (and fuel) to produce
  • They are natural and non-toxic
  • They are excellent insulation
  • They store heat (and cool) in thermal mass
  • They don't break when shaken (in earthquakes)
  • They don't burn easily
  • They are naturally rich in texture, light, and shadow
  • They easily biodegrade when their useful life is over
  • Kids love them

HGTV visited one of our the video


A different kind of building....

One great features of building a strawbale house is being able to invite friends, family and complete strangers to come for a short while and help build your house.  Natural building with straw can be thoroughly enjoyed by young and old.  Here's a slide show of a recent strawbale work party.


music: "My Family"  Daisy May and Seth Bernard