Join CASBA at Camp Ocean Pines in Cambria this Spring (near San Luis Obispo and Hearst Castle) for CASBA's West Coast Natural Building Conference, with a particular focus on fire safe construction and celebrating the women of natural building. Camp Ocean Pines is a seaside retreat featuring strawbale cabins!

Register Here for Early Bird Rates or click on the link in ‘Upcoming Events’ or the calendar on CASBA’s home page.

Keynote Speaker: Art Ludwig

Art is an ecological systems designer with 35 years full-time experience in water, wastewater systems, energy, shelter and human powered transport. His specialty is complex, integrated "systems of systems." He has consulted for the states of New York, California, and New Mexico on water reuse policy and building codes, and given dozens of lectures and workshops. Art has authored numerous articles as well as the books "Water Storage" "Principles of Ecological Design," and "Create an Oasis with Greywater." Several structures he was involved with survived recent wildfires in Santa Barbara and Ojai, and he has much to share on this in particular.

Natural Building Topics: In addition to the themes and panels on affordable strawbale and code updates, this year CASBA will feature greater discussion of cob, clay plasters, natural building schools, energy efficiency, outreach and more!

5x5s and 20x20s: All conference participants may bring digital images to share during the popular Saturday evening slide shows. Limits are 5 images in 5 minutes, or 20 images at 20 seconds each (average).

Conference Planning Ongoing: Their planning committee is working on the final schedule and lining up other workshops and hands-on sessions. If you have an idea for one or would like to volunteer, please contact darles.eaton@gmail.com

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