Our project in Temecula, California, will be host to a week-long workshop on strawbale construction. This project will use prefabricated strawbale panels that shorten construction time and save on costs. The panels will be built on site.

The house is based on a previous project, and the plans are detailed for owner-builders. We’ve found that construction personnel who are unaccustomed to custom details and thick, 3D walls, can sometimes make errors in carrying out important details, so we’ve built a library of colored 3D bale details that are clear and easy to understand.

Strawbale Window Details

Here is a note from the owner:

This unique straw bale LOAD BEARING workshop will be held in beautiful Temecula, California. The area is known for its grape and wine production (30+ wineries), hot air ballooning, outdoor activities, sunny weather, historic old town, and tranquil pace.  

Temecula is only 1 hour from San Diego, 45 minutes from the beach, 1 hour away from the desert, 1.5 hours from the Big Bear mountains and Los Angeles, and many other interesting places in between.

Our property is a large 20 acre lot with  mountains on both sides of us and lots of room for camping and relaxation.  The project is a LOAD BEARING 1,500 sq ft straw bale house as well as a large garage workshop (also load bearing).

We’ll be using a unique and code compliant load bearing system comprised of compressed bale panels which are lifted into place. This technique allows for a faster and less expensive installation compared to post and beam systems. My goal is to build a beautiful green home while keeping my costs down and showing others an affordable alternative to home ownership. 

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to build an affordable straw bale home and/or how to use a unique load bearing technique, this is absolutely the workshop for you!

Our bales will be sourced from Williams, CA and will be made of rice. The roof will be metal with a wide overhang, allowing the bales and plaster below to be protected from inclement weather.

After attending a nearby workshop I was so impressed with the great food provided by our host Pavlina that I asked her to take care of the cooking for our event. I wanted to be sure that you’ll have a great experience on this workshop and that you’ll  be properly fed…you’ll be in for a real treat with her in charge of food! 

We look forward to hosting you at our project and we hope you sign up for this workshop today!

Link to Workshop Registration

Rendering of Strawbale House in Temecula

Rendering of Strawbale House in Temecula